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Self Help Groups

We encourage women in the community to join Self-Help-Groups, which is linked in with Women's Empowerment. We concentrate on training programs for organic vegetable farming, animal husbandry, needework, soft toys and crafts - After which the women can apply for small start-up loans for income generating projects. This enables them to pay back the loans wihtout hardship.

In Sundarbans there is a large number of families whose livelihoods are derived from the nearby forest reserve or from prawn seed collection. This puts families members in danger of tiger and crocodile attacks. We seek to form Self-Help-Groups in these areas and thereby prevent future loss of life.

In India it has been said that:

to educate a man is to educate an individual,
to educate a woman is to educate a family

Widow with hens. This Tiger Widow entered a Self-Help-Group and practiced small savings. She then took out a small loan and purchased some hens. This now gives her an income by selling eggs in the local market. She can repay the loan and make profit.

Self help group members. There are many women with similar stories who have benefited greatly from joining the groups. Even small loans of 10 makes a huge difference to these families. They all have their own stories to tell.

Widow feeding chickens. Self help group. Widow with Sinead, son, and pump.

Self help group. Sewing.

What does your money achieve?

Self Help Group Formation

In time, the women become more aware of:

For more information please read these case studies.

Sinead with widow and rice.

Families in Sundarbans who participate do not have to risk their lives by going into the forest. This is how we are...

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